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Data is everywhere. Gathering it is the easy part. The hard part? Turning data into actionable insights for studies in the fields of human factors, neuroscience, and psychology.

eyesDx® can equip your facility to gather human data, like eye tracking, cardiac waves, brain waves and external stimuli. And with our MAPPS™ analysis software, eyesDx® can turn your data into information you can use to improve outcomes, productivity, and safety, and reduce costs.


We don’t simply synchronize and deliver data sets – we create easy-to-use interfaces that improve your access to the data. What does that mean?

You get systems that integrate physiological signals and sensors to give you a view of what’s really going on inside.

You'll have software with a specific focus on the collection and analysis of physiological and psychological data.

MAPPS™ Software

When you use software as powerful as MAPPS™, something amazing happens. Instead of a screen of data, you get actual information. With MAPPS™, you'll get:

Our intuitive graphical user interface.

Cross-platform support from Windows XP through Windows 8, as well as iOS.

Improved signal processing and video compression algorithms.

User-directed video recording of analysis results.


Our online and offline user guides are available to clients with login access. Find tutorials and watch videos illustrating step-by-step instructions.

You also get easy access to installers with the very latest software versions available.

Still have questions? Contact support via email.