When researchers use software as intuitive and powerful as MAPPS™, something strange happens. Instead of a screen full of data, you get something more useful: information.

We know. It’s a novel concept. But we think it’s just crazy enough to work.

MAPPS™ is the acronym for Multi-modal Analysis of Psychophysiological and Performance Signals.

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MAPPS™ and Add-On Features

  • Intuitive graphical user interface.
  • Cross-platform support – Windows XP through Windows 8 (coming soon to Mac OS X and Ubuntu Linux).
  • Integrates scene video input from built-in screen capturing tool, as well as webcams (unlimited video sources).
  • Ability to interact and record data from 3rd-party hardware devices (e.g. Biopac, Nexus, ABM’s X10 EEG system, Zephyr, Zynex, Shimmer, Mindo. Customer requests for integration welcomed).
  • Recording and playback of GPS tracking data.
  • Gaze calibration on 2D surface.
  • Real-time and post-processing modes of analysis.
  • Powerful tools for scrolling through video and selection of analysis time windows.
  • Click-and-drag definition of static and dynamic regions of interest (ROIs).
  • On-the-fly selection of fixation parameters.
  • Graphical data output of gaze variables, e.g. crosshair, gaze trail, fixations.
  • User-selected video overlays, e.g. colored and shadow heatmaps, gaze cone.
  • Summary graphs of processed data, e.g. pie chart of ROI fixation over selected time window.
  • User-directed video recording of analysis results.
  • Easy export of graph data to Excel.
  • Improved signal processing and video compression algorithms.
  • Record and play back synchronized audio.
  • Enables analysis and visualization of multiple simultaneous subjects.
  • Heart rate analysis (locate QRS complex locations, compute heart rate and variability, Poincare analysis).
  • Provides an API which allows regions of interest to be marked in real-time as they are generated. This can be very useful in simulator type environments where ROI may be known at run time and can be transmitted and saved automatically.
  • MATLAB® and 3rd-party application API:
    • Request and access synchronized multi-modal data streams from MAPPS™ in real time.
    • Publish data to MAPPS™ for visualization in real time.
    • Implicit data synchronization.
    • Data types supported include signals, video overlays, graphs, and ROIs.